Twilight Imperium Learn to Play Game - Sun July 25th

@Catprog @jarred @Sam1 as far as I can tell there’s no way to check who has voted. Could you please :+1: react this post if/once you have voted in the above poll.

Bit late to the party here but I’d be mad keen to join if it’s on this Saturday

@Catprog @jarred (and Kyle) @Sam1 @SebastianK seems like we’ll be playing on Sunday the 25th. Could you all please confirm if you can make this date?

I can make that date.

I can do the 25th, will check with Kyle :slight_smile:

Ah I’m afraid I can’t make then, but have fun!

I can be there!

We have four players confirmed, so two open spots for Kyle and one other player.

Kyle is confirmed :slight_smile:

Should I be watching playthroughs or reading the rules in preparation?

You can watch this Learn To Play video: Twilight Imperium (4th Edition) in 32 minutes - YouTube
There’s also the Learn To Play booklet:
This is a Learn To Play game, so don’t feel too concerned about learning all the rules beforehand.

Any luck getting a sixth player for this Sunday?

Sorry no, everyone was busy :frowning:

Well, if anybody else at HSBNE wants to join in on the Twilight Imperium Learn To Play game this Sunday, there’s a spot free.

I just wanted to check in as a reminder that this is on tomorrow.
@Catprog @Sam1 @Jarred (&Kyle)
There’s still a spot for a sixth player, if anybody else would like to join.

I’m still in.

Still in

Where are we set up :blush:?

In the classroom.

:+1: I’ve missplaced my wallet so will need someone to let us in :sweat_smile: