Twilight Imperium Learn to Play Game - Sun July 25th

Twilight Imperium is a game of galactic conquest in which three to six players take on the role of one of seventeen factions vying for galactic domination through military might, political manoeuvring, and economic bargaining. Every faction offers a completely different play experience, from the wormhole-hopping Ghosts of Creuss to the Emirates of Hacan, masters of trade and economics. These seventeen factions are offered many paths to victory, but only one may sit upon the throne of Mecatol Rex as the new masters of the galaxy.

At one of the recent board game nights, there some interest in a game of Twilight Imperium. As such, I’ve decided to organise a learn to play game for Sunday, July 25th, starting at 10:00am and finishing around 6:00pm (about eight hours).

Twilight Imperium has been described as a “space opera simulator”, and is an epic game in every sense of the word; the box is twelve litres and weights four kilograms, and the game runs for about eight hours. The rulebook is 38 pages long, but that is mostly a function of how big the game is, rather than its complexity, so don’t be intimidated by that. Here is a quick summary video of the game. Here is a longer rules overview. Here is the Learn To Play booklet.

The game works best with six players, but can be played with as little as three. Here is a list of players who have expressed an interest in playing. If you would like to join in on the game, please let me know, and I’ll add you to the list. Whether or not you have played Twilight Imperium before, you are welcome to join.

  1. @bradleysigma
  2. @Catprog
  3. @Sam1
  4. @Jarred
  5. Kyle
  6. ?

(Technical details for those who have played before: we will be playing fourth edition, without the Prophecy of Kings expansion.)

If there’s enough interest for the game to run without me, I’d like to focus on the existing game night to be held at HSBNE that night. However if I’m needed for the game to go ahead I will play as I want to see everyone succeed and play fun games at HSBNE no matter how intimidating!

I might be intrested

I’d be keen, I actually have TI3 and expansions, but I’ve never managed to get it if the shelf because it’s so hard to find players.

I have a deep affection for Twilight Imperium, I’d be keen to join if you run this (or if you already did, if you run another :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

We now have three likely players, which is enough to run the game (though as mentioned above, the game is better with more players). There’s also two “maybe” players so possibly up to five at this stage. There’s still three and a half weeks to get up to six players, though.

@Ryan2 (or other exec), could I please check to see if you know if anyone else wishes to use the classroom on June 19th?

I’ve also got a friend (Kyle) who is keen on learning the game if there’s a spot left?

I’ve added Kyle to the list. That will make six, counting both "maybe"s.

One week until the Twilight Imperium game.
@Kyia and @Catprog, could I please confirm if you will be playing?

No thank you, if you have sufficient players to get the game going even if it’s not optimal. I’ll give it a miss, cheers

Yes I will play

That leaves us with one vacancy, if anyone else wishes to join in.

Posted in discord but couldn’t find Sam’s handle so replicating here:

@Catprog @bradleysigma @Sam1 sorry to do this so late but Kyle and I have both woken up with this cold that’s going around. We’re going to have to take rain checks on TI today

@Catprog @Sam1 how do you feel about postponing until next month (likely July 17th)?

I’d actually forgotten, and am about to head into another board gaming session in town this morning, so this was a close call :rofl:

Re-scheduling for next month works for me.

Kyle is down for next month :slight_smile:

I am up for next month. (however the 17th is not good for me)

Just saw the edit. As such, could the three of you please indicate when you would be available for this game?

  • Sun 11th July
  • Sat 17th July
  • Sun 18th July
  • Sat 24th July
  • Sun 25th July

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Sat 17th is still G for me, I have more non hacker space people who might be interested in learning also if required