Monthly Game night

Hey Hackers

I’m looking to restart boardgame nights ideally, this month!

I’ve got a poll in the #Socials section on discord asking if you’d like to play on a Saturday night or Sunday night, one night of the month.

You can also answer here if you like :slight_smile:

I own a small but decent collection of games and will bring a few to every meet up but you’re very welcome to bring your own things to it!

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Oooh, we have Mysterium and haven’t’ played in ages, could I put in for that?

Haven’t played that before, I welcome new games!

We also have a surplus addon to the Firefly FFG boardgame, but no base. Happy to either acquire the base game or gift on the addon.

Is the Firefly expansion still available? I own the base game and would love to upgrade.
(And to clarify, Fantasy Flight or Gale Force 9?)