Un-tagged items in the containers. DEATH ROW

I’ve marked some items in the container with a red ticket. More specifically:

  • a motorbike engine
  • A few polystyrene panels
  • Plastic boxes.

These items have been living unused, unidentified in the containers. I believe some of them are the result of donations.

I’d suggest the following:

  • find the owner of the engine and ask them to removed them or at least squaring the situation. In nothing happens within a month of the date stated in the ticket, we get rid of it.

  • Panels: if no one has solid plans to what to do with them, we get rid of them within 2 weeks of the date in the tickets.

  • plastic boxes: We could at least get rid of half of these stock, they’re simply too much and nobody is interested in them.

Side note:

There’s a Mazda seat living on the container across the wood shop. We need to identify this as well.

(Maybe @capella_ben can confirm the make)

I might be intrested in some of the plastic boxes based on the photo.

If you want to get rid of them I will be able to pick them on a Tuesday night.

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Heya, this is the boneyard container, which by definition stores donated or unowned items that are available for members to take and use. So theres not much point red ticketing things in there. If you want to date everything so we know whats oldest when it needs a cleanout thats usually pretty useful.

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I suspect that many members may not understand what the terms “death row”, “boneyard” etc. mean at HSBNE. Perhaps future signage could include, in smaller print below, words to the effect of “free to use” or other as applicable.
This would help unwanted stock keep rotating, and help members feel they’re not on the outer when jargon is used.

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You’re welcome to take as many as u need


As usual, the solution is well known, the problem is volunteer hours and getting the work done. Are you volunteering to do this? :wink:

Sure. I can make such signs. To encourage people to continue creating signs, the method must be simple and not too time-consuming. I propose to use, in this case, external grade laser-able laminate plastic.

I would save the signs in a folder on the laser NUC, for easy editing for other signs.


Which container is it in?

sure seems good. Laminated paper seems to hold up ok.

I recently did a sign from vistaprint, on corflute that turned out really nice. was like $20. Its in the green room if you want to check it out.

we also have a canva subscription for members to use to help design signs, posters etc. let me know if you want to use that.

From the ones that open oposite to the quad, the far one down The back.

Container E

Thank you

I’ve talked to @jabelone about the engine. We can confirm that the engine belongs to him, and he’s not planning using it. Unless someone takes PROPER ownership of it, is going to be dispose in the next tip run.