Unreasonably cheap 18650 batteries?


What am I missing? Less than a dollar each for 3Ah 18650s? Seems too good to be true.

The 3000mAh seems unlikely, typically way too much capacity is a good signifier of fakes.

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Here is the datasheet to the battery:

These are the latest and hottest from LG. The ratings stated are solid. Mooches test of them for reference:

The price is way out of whack, though. Here a supplier I would trust:

I would say that the ones you linked are fakes and should not be trusted unless you run tests on them that verity that you got the real deal.

$5 is below my fuckit threshold. I ordered a batch. I’ll run them through some tests when I get them.

Fair call, please keep me posted about your findings.
Have a look here as well:

Mystery solved!

We regret to inform you that there was a mistake while we revising to reduce the price of this listing. The price should have been $52.99 and not $5. We would be cancelling this order. Please message us through the new listing and we would give a special discount for the item as compensation. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience caused.


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