Updates about the Construction down the road from us

What’s this? Here comes a new challenger update! Nothing that directly impacts us, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

The street lighting is being updated on Harbour Road and Hercules Street, beginning on Monday the 9th of July and lasting for around 3 weeks. During this time parking will be limited on these roads from the construction and there may be intermittent road closures. You know the drill, expect the normal stuff.

This time I even have a fancy map:

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Thank you.


More work is scheduled to happen at the intersection down the road from us from December to March. It’s mostly footpath work, but this will mean occasional lane closures. No night works are scheduled. Details all in the attached image.

I’m still on this old mailing list so I still get occasional updates from EDQ regarding developments in the area. Here’s the latest press release dated April 2021; I thought I should pass it on since it mentions HSBNE by name.

38ca482044f4e8d5a9183bdc8fdd7673_NSH-ConstructionUpdate-2pp-A4-MAR2021-FINAL.pdf (1.3 MB)