UV thingamibob


This is hanging about in Digifab, but apparently is not useful for our current resin curing needs/does not get used.

If there is an argument for HSBNE keeping it, then please let me know, otherwise it’s free to whoever claims it first, after a couple of weeks, it’ll go to electronics recycling…

From memory that thing is 250 ish nanometer which is give you skin cancer wavelengths.

It is useful for erasing EPROMS and killing bacteria. Most your modern UV cured resins want 360 ish to 400 ish nm.

Just a warning for anyone that might want to play with it. It is UV-C. Not a disco light. Don’t disable interlocks and let the cancer get out of the box.

Hi Emily,
I can use this.
It is perfect for many things, from curing small amount of compounds
(I do that when I need to encapsulate prototypes of Asics), so curing simple
surface resins etc…
If it is still available, I will take it.

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Go for it, it’s sitting on a table in the greenroom :blush:

OK Emily, will pick it tomorrow afternoon/evening. Tkx.