Uzebox Code Challenge

Ever wanted to write a retro 8 bit video game?

Wanted to do it on hardware you can solder together yourself?

Here is your chance. The Uzebox Code Challenge for 2016 is under way

If anyone would like to get into this, but does not know where to start - hit me up.


This looks really neat.

The Hardware is well chosen and worth a look if you find that interesting.

I’m interested. When are you around at the space for a chat. Are you considering holding a class for this?

I can hold a class if people are interested.

The hardware is well done, but most importantly the “Kernel” routines than Uze/Alec provides make jumping in very very easy and “low cost” in terms of learning time.

You can also get into writing games without the hardware as there is an emulator that runs on win/mac/*nix

The games made to date have been amazing and here is a video with some examples

but the boundaries are getting pushed further all the time.

Feel free to chat to me any time about it - I am almost always on the IRC channel.

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Hally, I will be in tonight if you (or anyone) want to chat about this.

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Soz I, very out of character ;-P, became distracted on Tuesday. Still super keen to discuss this. Hope to catch you next Tuesday :smile:

I believe I am now a lapsed member due to financial circumstance :frowning:

I will pop in tonight to show off the uzebox and talk about programming it to anyone that is interested though.

I probably will get there about 6ish and leave about 7ish so I am not out too late while not feeling the best.

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