Vacuum Pump?

Hey All,

I’d like to stabilise some wood stock with resin for wood turning, so I was wondering if we have a vacuum pump and vacuum chamber for such use? I figured it could be used in multiple crafts, so I just posted this to “general”. My apologies if this is in the wrong place, I’m a new member to HSBNE.



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Hey Kyle,

I’m not sure if the space is equipped for this either (only a minor hurdle!) and I’m pretty new to HSBNE too, but I’ve been thinking about having a crack at this myself; if you needed any help I’d be more than happy to give you a hand despite having no direct experience

The space has vacuum pumps and a small vacuum chamber in craft punk. the chamber is probably too small for what you want, but more importantly would probably be damaged by the solvents in your products.

I am however sure the craft punk people would not have a problem with sharing the pump if you rigged up your own chamber.

Obv. if you are making parts of the chamber from plastic check the compatibility of the plastic and the solvents.

Great, thanks guys! This is all very helpful. I’ve found some plans for a DIY vacuum chamber, so I may just do that.

Buying some supplies for a vacuum chamber now - does anyone know what diameter hose would be compatible with the vacuum pump there? I’d come over any check, but it’s a bit costly getting over to the gateway bridge from where I’m at.