Vault Games is looking for a storage solution for it's in-store Paint Library

Howdy folks,

Dylan from Vault Games here. We just moved to our new Queen St location and we’re looking for someone to help us out by designing and manufacturing a storage solution for our in-store paint library.

What do we want?
A peg board rack for our library paints that are one pot deep. We’d also love to have the name of the paint on each rack so that customers can easily know to put them back where they belong.

If we can have an angled bottom so that the paints are sitting on a 30-45 degree angle for easily access (also means we require less clearance between racks for access to the paints). Preferably made with lazer-cut acrylic.

Here are some of the finer details…

  • 36x15 holes on each board (we have 3 boards)
  • 1inch x 1inch between centre of each peg hole
  • Peg Holes are 5 mm in diameter
  • Each rack should use a 35mm diameter hole for citadel paint pots

There are 3 different pot heights…

  • Small pot height - 45mm to top; 30mm to the lip
  • Medium pot - 50mm to top; 35mm to the lip
  • Tall pot - 57mm top; 42mm to the lip

There are photos of the pegboard and the paint pots on my Facebook post at

Would be more than happy to pay, either directly or in store credit if you like to geek out.