VESC v4.7 - Component group order

Quick and dirty - I am ordering parts to hand assemble my VESC v4.7 this week.

My Build log for more info

The PCB board can be ordered in lots of 10 and i only need 2. ~$90 for 10

Components are roughly $130 from mouser and cheaper the more you get. I am happy to share the savings and deal with all the ordering

Hit me a message if you are interested in these amazing boards.

Also contact if you would like to be paid ($30-50 a board seems reasonable) to assemble some. Lots of people are interested in buying them but don’t want to assemble. I would be happy for you to collect the difference to assembly.

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I’ve been floating around the idea of doing an electric build for a while, so out of interest why are you planning on going with something like this over an equivalently priced (~$130) off the shelf ESC? Curious as to whether its primary an interest thing or if your getting benefit in the form of reliability, output per dollar, monitoring functionality ect.

Hmm, I need to decide what I am doing! I don’t think I would be able to run my pack with the VESC as its 14s lipo equivalent…

As long as your peak voltage is under 60v it should work right out of the box. Your 14s pack is nominally either 46.2v or 50.2v depending on the tech, but probably the latter. However its worth noting this most cells WILL slightly overrun there nominal voltage for a duration after charging, but I really doubt you’d get to 60v peak unless your trying to regeneratively brake using your motor (and even then 60v represents a higher voltage per cell than really recommended for charging, so with sensible software limits you may get away with it). Also the limitation of the VESC is in the voltage sensor on the board, so changing the resistors to a higher value and then recalibrating the software may very well allow you to squeeze a bit more headroom (this has already been done once with the change from 52v to 60v board limits).

Does any of this make the VESC v4.7 the best choice for you? Probably not, you’d have to do more research, but it’d definitely work with a 14s if you wanted it to.

Have a read of the webpage champ, lots of features compared with off the shelf. Mainly - reversing and regenerative breaking.

That’s a bummer, you can always cut 2 cells out to fall wit in the rated range for the vesc. Whats your build?


If you are interested i will add you to my mouser order so you can see what i’m grabbing

Hi Hamish, thanks for the reply, I have done some research into this and its not the voltage of the pack (58.4v off the charger, 53V nominal) but the transient spikes when switching the FETs at 100A that will kill the DVR, I would have to use snubber caps to keep it under this, I think the voltage divider only feeds the ARM and logic side of the board not the DVR and FETS. I’ll let you know what I find.

The bike haha, so no regen or reverse…

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Well that’s a shame, 4.2v per cell isn’t totally unusual but I agree that unless you can think of a way to get more headroom 58.8v is much to close to the 60v limit to be safe or sensible.

@Hally out of interest why do you have both the NTC resistor and the temp sensor with a quantity of 1 on the Google doc parts list? I could be missing the point but I thought one replaced the other during the v4.5 to v4.6 shift, and I don’t believe there is any advantage to building older versions at this stage.

I am extending my order till after Tuesday 11th August.

That way we can have a chat pre order :smile: