VFDpalooza (IV-18 VFD Clock Bits)

Hi guys,

I was recently browsing through Oshpark and came across this IV18 VFD Tube breakout board http://oshpark.com/shared_projects/K4IOvS0o which came to the princely sum of $2.80 for 3. So I bought 9.

I know not everyone on HSBNE is keen on VFDS, but I’ve priced out the rest of the parts you’ll need to complete the PCB (VFD tube, maxim controller, smd capacitator) as well as to drive it (a cheap dc-dc step up booster to run it at 30v, but you could always boost it up to the IV-18’s 76v max to make it brighter).

Who would be interested in buying in these parts in bulk together? It will cost from $15-20 depending on how many of us are in.

For reference, this is how the board and tube is driven/used - http://doayee.co.uk/vfd-tube-clock/

Count me in.