VFD's for sale

Hey all,

Got some new old stock VFD’s for sale, mainly 2.2kw single phase in 3 phase out models, and some 0.37kw and 0.75kw 3 phase in 3 phase out models. Going for $100 each for the single phase models and $90 for the 3 phase models.

Here’s the 2.2kw single phase model if you want to have a gander. https://inverterdrive.com/group/AC-Inverter-Drives-230V/Invertek-Optidrive-E2-2200W-1ph-3ph-IP55-Sw/

If you’re not sure what these are, they’re for running and varying the speed of 3 phase motors. Perfect if you’ve only got a single phase supply and need to run a 3 phase motor!

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Hi, I am interested for:
2 of these 2.2kW, Single Phase in, 3 Phase out.
1 of 370w, 3 phase in 3 phase out
1 of 750w, 3 phase in 3 phase out
They will be useful to me to make some test jigs.
I am out of the country until the 19Th Sept, but I
can transfer to you asap. e-mail me to
jacques@toptronic.com with the bank info for
payment. I would get them after I am back in BNE.

How many of the 2.2KW VFDs do you have?

Far too many. There’s about 60 of the 2.2kw models linked above, and 40 odd of a more advanced model with the same rating (capable of 2000hz instead of 500, among other things.)

Great! I have some 0.75Kw drives and a number of 2.2KW drives that require VFD control. We’ve found that the existing 2.2 KW inverters are insufficient for driving the 2.2KW drives under high load, so I’m thinking that for our smaller drives (the 0.75kw)) we might use the 2.2 KW inverters. Would I be right in assuming that we will draw significantly lower amps being run this way than the 28 amps infeed shown in the spec?

Yeah, I have a feeling that might be a peak in rush current figure. As they’re reasonably efficient, you’d only see maybe 10-20% higher power consumption than the motor itself.

These show you all the stuff like power so you’ll know how hard your motors are running as well.

As for overloads -they can do 150% Output Current x 60 seconds, 175% x 2 seconds

Sounds good - when I get into work tomorrow I’ll do a headcount of the drives I need to get inverters for and drop you a line. I’m guessing maybe 6 - 10 at this point in time, but better to check. Out of interest - are you an industrial electrician? Our current sparkie is good for basic stuff but gets “confused” when I start talking about VFDs and remote control via ethernet :slight_smile:

If these are still for sale I’d like to put my hat in the ring. I would like four 3-phase models please. Contact me on 0423 591 130 or swmcl@internode.on.net