Vinyl Cutter

Emily and I were of the recollection that there were two Vinyl Cutters in Craftpunk. Currently there is only one, a ‘Craft Robo’. Does anyone remember if there is/was a second machine and what might have happened to it?

There was two, the second vinyl cutter is a Graphtec Silhouette 8", and there was only one power brick and usb cable for them.

Thanks @Maxlamer. Nice to know we weren’t imaging things.
Do you have any knowledge of where the Silhouette 8" might be?

Last i saw of them, they were under the table to the right of the door (as you enter) in craftpunk. Although that was months ago

That’s where the Craft ROBO was too. So it seems the Silhouette 8" has moved out somewhere? Thanks again for helping out @Maxlamer. If you’re looking for it, the Vinyl cutting gear will live on a shelf from now on.

After donning my spelunking gear and looking further behind the cardbox boxs under the sublimation printing table, I have unearthed the Silhouette 8 vinyl cutter.
Rejoice! for the vinyl cutter that was lost is found!!!