Voltage Regulators Group Buy

Hi folks,

I’m looking to buy a bunch of small voltage regulators to have on hand for various projects.

Specifically, these:

These voltage regulator boards have both adjustable and fixed voltage ranges available, are stupendously easy to place on a PCB or in a circuit and as an added bonus have an enable pin so you can switch them on and off. These would be useful to pretty much any member doing ELV electronics and could be quite useful for people wanting to run projects off decently sized batteries.

They report needing at least 12V, but I suspect they may work fine down to 5v.

I’m going to be buying 100, by the end of this week. If you’re interested in jumping in, it’ll be $1 each for each one. Please let me know if you’re interested in this thread ASAP as if I don’t get interest I will order by Thursday.

Buy List:

  • 100 for nog3
  • 20 for Hovo
  • 20 for Pelrun
  • 5 for Jabelone
  • 50 for Crofty
  • 10 for Rosa
  • 30 for devians
  • 20 for Mick
  • 5 for Riumplus
  • 20 for Catprog

Current total: 280.

Can I grab 20?

Put me down for 20 too.

Put me down for 5 please. I’ll probably use one for my e-ink name badge :slight_smile:

50 for me please

First post updated with current list of people who’ve contacted me to buy some.

Could I get 20 please

Put me down for 5!

First post list updated. I’ll be purchasing these on Tuesday (23 July) night

Do they have ones that go even lower?

These ones support down to 1.8v. Any lower than that and you’re probably looking for voltage references.

Put me down for 20.

Just a heads-up, I will be making this order tonight after 8PM so get your orders in by then.

These have arrived, come find me Tuesday night to collect.

May paypal address is nog3@nog3.net if people would like to send it that way, but I can also take cash and bank transfers.

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