Volunteer opportunity for Warrigal Road State School's fete - Warrigala

Hi all,

We’ve received the request below to build an electronic timer, if you’re interested, please reply below and I’ll pm you the email/phone number to contact.

Hi there!

My name is Maurice, and I’m the convenor of Warrigal Road State School’s
fete - Warrigala.

I am writing to you in the hope that I can talk you into helping us
build something; an electronic timer for a Pinewood Derby track (one of
that activities we’re hoping to run for our kids).

We’ve asked around the P&C’s volunteer pool, and between us we simply
don’t have the tools nor skills required to do this. That made me think
of you guys.

As Warrigala is a fund-raising event for our students, we can’t offer to
you pay. We will obviously be able to pay for all materials!

This is an example of a Pinewood Derby timer;

Thanks for your time, talk soon

Maurice Walmsley
Warrigala 2021 Convenor

I’ll help if I can. Depends on lead times and event date. Still gotta finish HS stuff.