WANHAO DUPLICATOR 7 (D7) DLP Resin 3D printer - $450

WANHAO DUPLICATOR 7 (D7) DLP Resin 3D printer

NEW - opened from packing but new and never used.

Technology: DLP (Digital Light Processing)
Build Volume: 120 x 68 x 180mm
Layer Resolution: 35 microns
Connectivity: USB
Printable materials: 405 NM UV resin
Input rating: 110V/220V AC
Working Voltage: 12V DC

You can use open-source software (i.e. NanoDLP), so you don’t need to buy anything besides the occasional resin tank replacement and the resins themselves. For convenience, most users recommend buying a Raspberry Pi 3 to free up your computer from 3D printing duties.

Comes with 250ml bottle Resin (still sealed in bag)

Includes material to put a UV filtered window in the lid of your D7. See Youtube video:


The printer is located in Margate (next to Redcliffe)