Want to be in a movie?

Well, the title says it all… If you’re keen to be in, work on, or assist any capacity, a movie then here’s your chance!

Ok, not like a major production but a small community movie called, Drop Bear! We are a small group ticking the last few boxes to hopefully start shooting in 3-4 months. We need:

  • Actors! Both speaking roles and extras who you know, want to be killed by a drop bear - Sorry, the drop bear has already been taken
  • Industry talents or experienced or interested in learning any of the following
    • Videographer
    • Audio techs
    • Editing
    • Gaffers
    • Makeup artists
    • FX peeps
    • Wardrobe
  • Producers
  • All the other titles a small production might need which I am not aware of
  • Director… ummm no, taken!

You get the idea… Just about everything.

To find out more, see photos of props being made, and join us, just go to our Meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/making-a-b-movie-brisbane/

You can see a bit of the work we’ve created thus far on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5f67SKOxjLpfOuuSmT4y0A