Wanted: A MacOS computer (e.g. MacBookAir)

Need this to learn to use Photoshop and InDesign, so it needs to run the recent version of these. Black Mac also acceptable (that is, non-mac computer got MacOS installed and running at production level). Would be happy with a loan of a few months too!

Just a heads up, the software you list will work under windows. As a matter of fact the entire adobe suite works natively on both windows and mac platforms with automatic installers, so a Hackentosh really isn’t necessary for this purpose, but of course if you prefer to run a mac you can obviously do so anyway. Best of all the adobe suite work on either platform from the same account, so if you have a license for any of the software (or CC membership) you can change windows to mac by just revoking the license on the old system and installing on the new one. Anyway good luck learning Photoshop and InDesign, I personally use the adobe suite myself and highly recommend it.

Thank you Hamish. I should have further explain that I have to use MacOS because the exam and the job after it requires MacOS, and better not get blocked on one of the technical nuance, but thanks a lot !

Since this is hackers’ space, I guess I will have to explain that I am on the person who were in this predicament - although I’d like to learn too. I am helping someone:) A normal hacker don’t usually talk like that (pass exam and do job etc).

Handy tip: if you go to The Edge at State Library Queensland, they’ve got a lab filled with 27 inch I macs you can just roll up and use. They’ve got the whole suite pre installed, folders of tutorials.

If you can’t get a laptop, this’d is probably your best bet