Wanted: Large Artwork Painted

Hey guys,

I’m chasing somebody to paint a wall at my business (gym). There is some text I would like included, and an obvious theme to it, but as for the individual elements of what you do it’s up to you.

I have a budget in mind, but would prefer to trade services for services - I can offer gym membership, individual coaching, or even a trade of fabrication/etc work. I’m fairly flexible in what I can offer, so if you’ve got an idea or want some more specifics please ask.

Prefer somebody with some sort of portfolio of existing work

Hmm, I happen to have a friend who I think would fit the bill. Problem is she’s more in need of paid work than trading off services.
Although there may be something she needs made. I can connect you on Facebook if you’d like to look ovr her work?

That would be great - I’m not against paying for quality work, I’d just rather trade services :slight_smile: