Wanted: old Nokia mobile phone

I’m planning a hack, and one of the parts I need is an old Nokia phone. It doesn’t have to work, I just need the case and keypad, none of the electronics or screen. Preferably one with a square screen, which are all 1.5" AFAIK. These screens are a common part to use in Arduino projects etc, so I thought somebody might have a handset they removed the screen from. If you have one, let me know. I can pay, but not much. Maybe like $5-20 depending on condition.

May be a little late but I have a metric shi* tone of old phones including some very old Nokia’s, I am coming in for my induction this Tuesday 26/09/2016, I could bring them with me If you are still interested. You can have them as well im not interested in taking money for them there trash to me but treasure for someone else.