Wanted - Socket 1155 motherboard

Hello fellow hackers

my main work computer has thrown a usb overcurrent at me and will no longer boot

I need a replacement for

Super hard to find old 1155 boards in stock. Wondering if anyone has an old one kicking about so i can swap it out and get the old beast running again until i upgrade.

I will pay in money, barter or twerks. Whatever your preference.
It would be awesome to get a dual video card board, I don’t care if its not sli or crossfire compatible but at least x16 + x4 pcie2.0/3.0

Please reply, pm or call on 0452482737

If you can’t find a 2nd hand board, you can get a new one from;
PCCaseGear $89 + $17 for express courier postage

Alternately if your planning on an upgrade later anyway I can just lend you a older i7 computer. It ain’t pretty but it offers the PCIe expansion you require and has the processing power for most tasks. I use my laptop for work stuff anyway, and have access to a another PC who’s owner is currently in NZ longish term, so its not really any hassle for me. I can drop it off to you on Saturday as I’ll be in Brisbane for the cleanup day if you so desire.

Thanks for the link @Hamish_McGregor . Good find. Should be able to swap out without too much hassle. Trying to avoid the windows re-install.

Cheers for the computer lend offer but I need my clunky pos to be running.

Anyone else have an old 1155 mobo laying around?

Success! Mobo all swapped and running well :blush: and no windows issues.

Navigated 800x600 world for a while until new drivers installed and BAM! winna!

Anyone interested in diagnosing the usb circuits on my old mobo?
Might be able to hack something together for another space computer :smile:

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