Wanted: UPS 2KVA or above

I’m looking for a UPS of 2kVA or above in working order, and with dead or no batteries.

Must be suitable to connect external batteries. It doesn’t need to have the connection as I can modify.

I can pickup Brisbane northside, sometimes southside, or if you visit HSBNE.

edit: Prefer 36v battery connection, but I’ll consider other options (24v or 48v - not 12v please)

I have a compaq T2400h or something. it’s the two part tower unit.

[lucky google search] found a manual. https://www.kesintisizservis.com/pdf/HP/Compaq_UPS_power_management.pdf

it definitely needs new batteries, but the electronics are ok.

I realise I didn’t put “Prefer 36v”, as I have just built a 36v pack.

What do you want for it and where are you located?

I haven’t checked the voltage, it takes 4 x 12v batteries. I can’t remember the configuration, could be 12, 24 or 48v.

you’re welcome to it. I’ll bring it on Tuesday?

I checked it on the PDF link you sent me :slight_smile:

It appears to be 48v.

Yes, thankyou. I will make it work.