WANTED: wooden pallets

Hi there! I’m building a bunch of pallet walls as the set for a theatre production and require up to 60 pallets. Don’t need to be perfect condition. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

There’s a piano place about 2 doors up from my workplace in Douglas Street, Milton (were UMart used to be) that regularly has pallets stacked up out the front with a sign “Free, please take”.

Not sure when the workplace might next get a big shipment of energy meters, but those too often arrive on a pallet. I can let you know if another shipment turns up.

Try places that import kitchen appliances and bathroom things if you’re after euro sizes.

At my work, Jeays Mitre10 at Sandgate always has odd pallets for free at the entrance if you are on the northside.

Hi @brodie - I have a factory at Geebung. We generate far more pallets than we need, various sizes and condition. I think we’ve just thrown a whole lot in the skip - but it won’t be taken away for a week or so. When do you want them?

Hi Bruce, would I be able to pick them up tomorrow afternoon?

Great thank you!

Hi @brodie - yep - what time do you want to pick them up? I have a prior commitment from about 12 noon - about 1.30 pm, but I’m at work until 12 noon or I can come back after 1.30pm. Address is 424 Bilsen Rd Geebung.

Hi Bruce, after 2pm would be best if that’s okay? How many do you have?

You said you needed 60? How big is your truck/trailer :slight_smile:

Give me a call on 0417720832 - it’s probably easier to talk it through

Can only carry about 16 so will have to do a few trips. Is that okay? We’re
happy to put a heap outside so we can come back and forth without wasting
your time?

Yep - that’s OK - I’ll drag out what I’ve got and leave them in front of the skip.

Hi @brodie - I have left about 30 pallets outside of the roller-door marked “2A”. There are about another 30 in the Veolia 20 metre RORO outside the same shed - the end door on the RORO isn’t locked so you can open it up and take any pallets that are in there as well if you like.

FYI - we have a security guard who does circuits of the facility. If he asks what you are doing tell him you have spoken to Bruce Heath and I said it’s OK for you to have the pallets. If he gets stroppy (as he may - it’s his job) give him my mobile number (0417 720 832) and get him to call me and I’ll verify it.

Any other questions - give me a call.


Absolute legend! Let me know if you want free tickets to the show! Thanks
So much!!