Who would make use of a Warhammer table?

Paint brushes
Light box for photography

I know the Warhammer community is huge and many people enjoy communal painting and being able to play too.

Let me know if enough people would be I terest to outfit a table with supplies. :slight_smile: And give suggestions!


Although I think paints could become an expensive investment, depending on brand/source; AFAIK (and I’m happy to be corrected) WarHammer in particular requires or strongly suggests very specific colours, and those are typically sold in small bottles, probably at exorbitant prices.

At the end of the day though, it’s all typically Acrylic paint. We could probably get away with some basic bulk supplies, and people wanting more specific or technical paints will likely already have their own, and we should be encouraged to bring our own anyway.

This could be a good opportunity to do model painting workshops, if anybody is willing to host or knows someone.

And maybe later, when I’ve got Digifab under control, we could print our own minis to paint!

Yes the expense of paints is one of the reasons I’d like to have a set up for it. Like many hobbies the initial set up can often be the most expensive and then if you find you don’t enjoy it you’ve already spent so much, it sucks.

My partner paints Warhammer, I’ve painted dnd minis and boardgame minis. The variety of colours available are mind boggling. I’d love to find someone selling bulk as the above scenario of discovering they lost passion for it or similar.

My partner, while not an expert is willing to hold “classes” to get people started.

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This Facebook group sometimes have some good deals going: