Wedding cranes shadow box

Last year Brendan and I got married and for our wedding my mother in law made us 1000 cranes as a good luck wedding gift.

She housed them all on coat hangers as seen below.

For a year we kept one of the coat hangers on our wall for display but I wanted to displays with a little more love. So I build (albiet shoddily) a shadow box.

Very happy with the outcome. Will add some picture below, I’m sorry I didn’t take more progress pictures.


Looks amazing!! Absolutely beautiful!

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Here they are displayed at my wedding


Stunning :blush:

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The parts were as follows.

MDF customwood sheet for the backing 3mm
3 bed boards ( Im not even joking)
An acrilic sheet 3mm for the front
6 assorted screws (forgot mine on the day, made do with ones I found at hsbne)
Large nails
4 hooks to hold the coat hanger
Black and white paint.
Ink stamping for the words at the bottom.
I’m sorry I don’t have any progress photos. But I have this one photo I took before ether acrilic sheet was applied. I removed one column of cranes to lessen crowding and hung them up in craft punk so you have a little piece of my wedding haha!


Lovely to see such a thoughtful gift being treasured! And I think the simple design really helps showcase all the pretty colours :smiley:

I haven’t seen the cranes in Craftpunk, but thank you for the added decoration!

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They are only a small string of them, we only found a hook near the aircon, they may have been moved as result on being in front on the vent a little.

When I said I haven’t seen them, I meant more in the sense that that last couple of times I’ve been at the space, I’ve been too busy to step foot in Craftpunk :wink: I’m sure you put them in a good spot.

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