Welding Class / Induction


I just joined HSBNE last night (WOOOT!!!) and I’d like to be inducted/schooled on welding.

I looked around on the forums and Trello and couldn’t find any info about classes. (I’m not on FB)

I’ve done some welding and brazing before and I’m looking forward to stepping up my game with lots of practice, hopefully making useful things for the different causes at HSBNE along the way (e.g. 2x72 inch grinder for the metalworking and blacksmithing causes).

Is anybody available to welcome me in? Are other folks interested in a welding induction/class?

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There are 3 welding classes scheduled for August September and October. …they are on the Facebook page. As a member you can also approach other individuals and get one-on-one assistance with that…you need to be the one who makes it happen though.

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Cool! Thanks Buzz. I’ll try to figure out how to RSVP without FB.

the eventbrite is here. Buying a ticket is all the RSVP you need.

Thanks Alex; I managed to track it down a few minutes ago after I remembered that Steph mentioned HSBNE uses Eventbrite.

Hi All, there’s still a few spots available at tonight’s welding class if anyone from last-months cancellation is looking to try again., or anyone else who’s interested. get your ticket/s here while you still can…


We ended up with 8 people at tonites welding class, including a couple of people with zero welding experience.

By 2/3 of the way through the night everyone was doing super-well with the MIG welding and so we were able to get people TIG welding as well.

Everyone who wanted to have a go on the TIG did, and I think everyone left now with enough skills that that can totally stick metal things together!

Thanks to everyone who came along. It was great.

There’s currently only ONE more of these welding classes scheduled… for next month… so get in early …