Welding introduction course

my mother is wanting to do a Welding introduction course to a brush up on her welding knowledge, could one be run?

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Hi Tom

Welding is a very large topic. If your wanting from scratch coverage of the basic three processes (Stick, MIG, TIG) including how to detail a weld and select a welding process then it would take as much as half a year to pick that up on the one day a week after work time-slot like bear has done for the machine shop.

On the other hand if you just happen to own\be looking to get a basic welder and want to know how to run a bead this, and some basic safety, could be covered in a single night. Although you’d probably want to practice a bunch afterwards in your own time if you want to be able to produce consistent results (scarp metal bins are good, just grab some little bits and stick them together).

If your just thinking about doing the latter it’d be easiest to work 1 on 1 with anybody who knows how to weld well than to try and run a big course, so if you know somebody hit them up. Otherwise Bear, Karl and I certainly have the skills to do it, although for the hands on segment I’d recommend the other two over myself if you can convince them as its honestly been a long while since I’ve done any real welding and Bear has proven himself to be a phenomenal teacher through his machine shop class.

Otherwise, if your wanting the larger course, we’d have to see about numbers. If enough people are interested we could certainly work something out at HSBNE, if not then you can get this sort of training via a TAFE if your prepared to pay for it. The other advantage of going about it this way is the training they do is nationally recognized, so that may or may not be a factor for people. So if anyone is interested in a weekly welding course at HSBNE please make your voice heard below.

All the Best,
Hamish McGregor

Hello! I would definitely be interested in a weekly welding course at HSBNE, or even a series of sessions, whatever form it may take. Am super keen to give it a try and learn some new skills.


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Me too. I want to learn welding from a beginner level.


I’d like to see some welding induction at the HackerSpace :smile:

I did my cert 3 welding course last year and am happy to contribute to this. There are a few members with much better skills than I @rut4ger @BearZahn and others.

Is there a type of welding or application you are looking to put these skills towards?

We have recently added a nice MIG welder to our machine shop, currently used gas-less, which is suitable to weld most things.

I can weld, but not well enough to teach. I’d be happy to help out.

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move on over 125CC Go-Kart