Welding Shop Improvement Proposal

Craig pointed out to me today, and I agree with him, that the current location of the welding bay safety equipment board puts all our welding safety equipment directly in the line of fire from welding sparks and all the grinding dust showers that originate from the use of grinders in the welding bay. If one has a look at all the safety shields, goggles and welding helmets, they are totally covered in metal dust inside and out and the visors are pitted and scratched from being wiped clean with metal dust on the screens.

So I propose we turn the safety equipment board 180 degrees so the safety equipment is no longer directly exposed as it is currently. It’s going to require a meter or so walking space along the board to access the safety gear so perhaps the CNC frame could be moved over a bit. If that can be arranged, maybe this weekend, I will clean and hang all the welding bay safety equipment next week and also get new batteries for all the auto-darkening helmets, some of which are no longer operational.

Phil, the CNC router is on wheels - you could just push it to where you’d like.

If you could move things to where you think would be better positioned that would be a great help