I have scored us a WeTeachMe HSBNE account!

WeTeachMe is essentially a similar system to EventBrite, however it is focussed mainly on classes and ongoing courses. It’s a somewhat comparable cost. WeTeachMe charges on a scale and EventBrite charges on percentages.

The primary use of these things is to give a solid presentation for people to register to attend classes, control places and potentially take money for classes.

Anyhow, it looks like a fairly nice system. If you make an account I can attach you to the organisation and you can put your courses under the HSBNE page. Which should bear some fruit, along the line we might write some code to pull that info into the main website etc.

What info do you need to pull users into the system?

Hmmm, I’ve just looked at it closer and it seems like I make an account for you. very odd. So, I guess I just need your email you want to use.