What consumables do we need? i.e Screws, cable ties, heatshrink, etc

Hi All,

If you can think of any particular consumables that we should buy for the space, please post below.


Straight Jacket or something to that effect

I would advise you refer to the existing list for such things, found here

I’ve been going through our stock of components to see what we need.
I’ve sorted all our boxes of 1000 resistors, stocked up what I could and checked to see what was out of stock and what resistors in the E12 series were missing.

I also went through our capacitors and checked stock levels, however I did not check them against the E6 series.

I have made an excel sheet that will be attached that has a list of all the parts that need to be stocked.

I have also sorted our transistors out and placed them in groups, however some transistor sizes are missing. I would recommend the purchase of some BD139’s and BD140’s for 1.5A NPN and PNP, and MJE3055 and MJE2955 for 10A NPN and PNP BJT’s. To future proof, some 2n3904’s and pn200’s as cheap NPN and PNP respectively 0.5A BJT’s.

I would also recommend the purchase of some stripboard for quickly prototyping boards, 555 timers, dual opamps, 5v regulators and shift registers as basic cheap IC’s to keep stock of.

Also, some more solid core 22AWG insulated wire as general hookup wire.

Finally, I have found a source for ALL of this at a really low cost.
resistors are 1c each and transistors are very low cost, usually around 5c but going up to 45c for the 10A transistors. stripboard is 65/75c depending on if it is tinned or not and the wire is cheap enough as well.

If there is interest I can do up a list of components with amounts, cost and links to them on tayda as well as going through the capacitors we have and sorting them so we know which ones need more to be purchased and which ones are absent.

Edit: the forum can’t handle excel sheets being uploaded so have a google drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3uHnk6-osM9WTBUSGVfRDBwMmM/edit?usp=sharing