What is the latest news on VR and VR Headsets?

Hi, is there anyone with new VR experiences and new VR headsets experiences?
In the past, there were few people using these.
I still have not got to it and soon, I am planning to
spend a bit of time on that.
Any advice? Where to start? What is the best route to it?

Hi @Jacques_Botte,

Currently VR headset development has kind of topped out. In terms of features, the PSVR2 (Playstation 5 exclusive) has an OLED screen, eye tracking, and (limited) foveated rendering. Tracking of head/hand position isn’t great, as it uses cameras mounted on the headset to determine position.

On the PC side, the king of features is the Valve Index - you’ll need a beefy PC to run it, and they’re not officially sold in Australia, so you’ll have to get creative with your purchase - but the experience is second to none, in terms of tracking tech and graphical fidelity.

If you can stomach Facebook / Meta, the Quest 2 is about the best when it comes to price vs. performance - It’s $630 and is a complete, stand alone headset - no PC required. Graphical fidelity is a bit lower due to the limited horsepower of the device, but some titles will surprise you - Red Matter 2 is on par with PC VR titles in my experience. This headset will also work with a PC, if you add on a cable. Meta also have the Quest Pro, which is quite expensive (~$1700) and aimed more for business users.

Later this year, Meta have commited to releasing the Quest 3, which may have more advanced features like eye tracking and foveated rendering, or even a varifocal display - these features have not been confirmed though.

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incidentally, the guy I’m looking to partner with to do the artists residency runs Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival.

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Thank you Scott.

Would be interested to know when that happen.