What Software for CNC Routers?

What Software do you guys use around the 'space for your little CNC Routers?

I’m just thinking ahead to milling out some PCBs and figured it would be easiest if I learnt the CAM package that is used there, as my CAM software is a smidge more powerful than needs be for simple 2.5d work.

That and I would like to just be able to easily shift the files over there on a USB stick without worrying about compatibility problems.


The Vecrtic stuff mainly Aspire or Solidcam…

That’s cool, I backed a CNC Router on Kickstarter which should be coming through in the next month, and it comes with Vectric VCarve Pro.

Got a link to the router?

The Creation Station CNC Router

Looks interesting. Are you bringing it once it arrived? I’m courius to see and inspect it!

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It’ll live at my place, but once I’ve got it together and working i’ll definitely bring it along one night. I’ve been told that he’s actually pretty close to getting it working with a Beaglebone Black and a shield, which would be cool.