Yes, it’s that time again to revive the Wheatley project.

@Hally has returned and I now have the time required to work on it.

So, I’ve ordered a small h-bridge ( http://www.smartarduino.com/nodemcu-motor-l293d-shield-board-for-esp-12e_p94570.html) driver setup to prototype the rail carriage.

I’m currently sourcing 2mm ABS for his shell, we may have some at the space already (I think someone was replacing my HDPE sheets?). I will still need help 3d CNCing the vacform buck for his shell, which is split into the following visible distinct parts:

  • Eye plate (this could possibly be 3d printed instead)
  • Outer left shell
  • Outer right shell
  • Middle ring (this is two parts but rotates just inside the outer shells. We could get away with it being static but it’d screw with animating it later. I’m tossing up using microwave lazy susans for this.)

So, I’m going to start prototyping the carriage and the brushes or inductive coupling setup required to power the carriage and the body separately.


I have parts ready for this project


Haven’t looked into coding yet.

Happy to help with the CNC.

Nice that’s cool. I had thought that putting something with a little grunt in it would be useful if we wanted to animate it with the camera doing tracking etc. open cv or something?

I also just remembered I have a fresh outta the box PTZ camera that I thought might be useful for this project as it has RS232 control. So maybe the Wheatley shell could be attached to the camera which would give camera ability and also all the motors etc already set up. Has a remote control too. It’s like this http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/302318-REG/Sony_EVID70_EVI_D70_1_4_CCD_Color.html very likely from the same factory as the Sony but no Sony labels.

what is HSBNE
what does HSBNE mean

This chatbot platform, like my answers, is horrifically dumb
moving to a new platform tomorrow. Possibly pandorabots.com/

The idea behind this was to experiment/develop some possible conversation ideas for the real wheatley

Thanks for chatting. It helps me create answers :slight_smile:

some winners so far are:
As a robot, do you believe in the afterlife
What do you have on your fridge door
do you wish you were a human
Do you have a cherished childhood teddybear
Whats your (full) name
What is an infraction
do you like the matrix
Do you like reality TV programs

hehe you’re welcome :slight_smile: When I said just “?” wheatley went nuts and responded over and over with “?” until my browser crashed. Good times :slight_smile:

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