Where does HSBNE source their containers from?

Hi all,

Brisbane WICEN has a transportable pantec at Mt. Nebo for storing some equipment in that’s slowly falling to bits and is in need of replacement (and a new home… we’re in the process of enquiring elsewhere about that). The thinking is a shipping container of a similar size to the ones that HSBNE has on site would be a good option.

Has anyone got some pointers as to where HSBNE got theirs or have a rough idea what the costs were?

The 20ft containers were provided by the landlord.

The 40ft container was bought from a private seller, cost was approximately $2,500.

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Stuart/Wicen…, also, to be very clear, the landlord absolutely does not allow us to arbitrarily put containers onsite at hsbne, anything like that has to go to the landlord as a written proposal, and it up to the whims of the site managers and landlord whether they will let it go ahead or not.

@buzz That’s understood, there is no plans at this stage to approach HSBNE (or their landlord) for housing of the container on their site at this time.

If this changes, there will be written permission sought ahead of time and some sort of space rental agreement organised.

I believe the initial proposal was one of the members was going to approach his workplace to see if it could be put there. Another (less attractive) option is to bring it to a site about 4km outside of Imbil.