Where o where have all the wood screws gone?

So I came in today specifically to build some infrastructure for HSBNE to find we’re completely and utterly out of Wood and Chipboard screws.

Almost a month ago we had thousands of the damn things and had had that many for quite some time before that.

If you’ve borrowed them or used them, can you please either a) return or b) replace them?

I thought the whole Idea of screws was they they are consumable…? they’ve been consumed.

Sure, but it’s a total dick move to just leave and not tell anyone they need to be restocked.

I went into the woodshop yesterday, and there appears to be at least 1 decent box of wood screws there now.

That would be because I spent $34 at Bunnings on the weekend to make sure we had some.

I have since found another box of 500 in the Green Room. Please make sure you don’t take consumables out of their areas folks.

I’ll probably ask the new Wood Shop cause leader if I can reimburse those though.