Who would be interested in a Vector drawing class

Hi All,

My name is Jamie and I am still green in this space. please let me know if this is the wrong spot to ask this.

I am gauging the interest in a vector drawing class and the basics for Inkscape, so you can use it for your projects. Had a chat to some of the digi fab peeps, however i use it a lot. from electronic panels, blueprints, digital content and lots more.

I wanted to go over the basics of vector drawing basics then have time at the end so people can bring in there projects so we can discuss how to use them.

Please leave a comment if your interested or have something specific you would like to ask.


I’m interested! That would be great.

How appropriate would it be for total novices? I’d love to learn, but probably have zero relevant knowledge and running a class with large gaps is tough

this would be a zero previous knowledge class. brief introduction to what vector drawing, some of the basic tools and concepts and bit of one of one/ group if you bring in a project or idea that could use vector drawing

Put my name down for this course as well! I’d love to know my way around Vector drawing software a bit better. :slight_smile:

Excellent, put my name down too!