Woodshop Cause Meeting 3rd Sept after General Meeting

We will be holding a woodshop cause meeting on the 3rd of September after the main meeting, around 8:30-9pm.

Agenda will be:

  • Ratifying a Cause Operating Document
  • Talking about the progress of the shop over the last few years
  • Future plans for the shop
  • Discussion on running costs
  • Discussion and allocation of jobs to continue to improve the woodshop, such as continuing the work on the dust extraction system.
  • Potentially some discussion of expenditure on the refurbished lathe, ie a vfd, replacing the missing tooling etc.



  • Joshua Hogendorn
    • Proxy: Zac Crow
    • Proxy: Craig Hudson-Taylor
  • David Bussenschut (Non Member)
    • Proxy: Gabe Camp
    • Proxy: Vish
  • Alan
  • Steve Jordan
  • Ian Redmond
  • Danny Forward
  • Kiera Robinson
  • Craig Rea


  • Operating policy document passed
  • General discussion about woodshop achievements and future goals.