Woodshop improvements 2018

Building on last years work there are a number of jobs to be done this year.
Currently I am working on building some new timber storage for:

  • General free for all timber (what used to be on the rack in the woodshop)
  • Scrap timber for Jigs
  • Sheet goods
  • Storage for personal timber

Once this is done we can clear out the container and start setting up the dust collector.
This is basically my aim for probably the first half of the year.
If I get this done then I will look at other jobs/projects.

There is a bunch of other fix-it jobs, incomplete and new projects that are on the board.
I cant do them all nor do i have the time to do them.
Anyone who is interested in helping out and taking on these projects please contact me to discuss them. I have some ideas, and will support and help them.
Anyway, a new year and new plans…


Started working on above bench storage.
Will be building this around the room where appropriate.


The woodshop above bench storage has progressed. Thanks for all those that turned out on Thursday night and helped out.

Google Photos


I have also progressed the Sheet storage ‘trolley’
Just now need to add the rollers at the bottom

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

turned and drilled out the rollers
cut the rods…
Google Photos

All that is left is to drill holes in the end of the steel rods for split pins and holes in the ‘trolley’.

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I spent some time on saturday cleaning up and organising. Essentially just moving things around, throwing out obvious trash, identifying old/unused tools. This is ongoing but I made some good progress.

Part of this is keeping the blue bench clear so we can disassemble it in the near future.

No Pics sorry, didnt think to take any.

Spent some more time on thursday cleaning up and organising. On tuesday @ltp took out the blue bench, so unless anyone wants that we might break that down soon to reclaim the timber.

I’ve mostly cleaned out the corner with the yellow cabinets. Next up is to make homes for all the stuff in those cabinets and then we can potentially start to remove them.

Earlier this week i soaked, cleaned and serviced the gluebots and then refilled them. yaaay working glue containers again!

Tonight I mucked about and started making some more tool homes on the cleat wall. These are interesting little problems to make, I encourage anyone to have a go at it :slight_smile:

Josh, I did some sweeping in the ww area today, using the brooms and the compressed air, It would have been better with a working vac.

Hi @Steve, there are a few vacs that float between metal shop and woodshop. Thanks for helping clean!