Woodshop improvements - update

So space is almost cleared behind the woodshop for the new container.
Container is purchased and should be onsite in the next week or two.
Once this is done we can start to get a few things done.
Task to be done

  • Wire up electrics into Container
  • Mod container to add additional access (only 1 door in it atm) - there is a roller door in the boneyard which we have our eye on.
  • Move items into the container (still need to plan out the setup of the container)
  • Move compressor into container and pipe in air line
  • Move Dust collector into Container
  • Pipe in Dust collector into the shop
  • Pipe up equipment (and other connections)

Probably more to add.
Volunteers to lead some of this would be appreciated, cant expect myself, @devians and @Thermoelectric to do everything.

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