Woodshop Maintenance Log 2018

For machine maintainers to communicate the work they have done on the machines.

Thurs 15th Feb, Sat 17th Feb

Hitachi Mitre Saw

  • Replaced the bolt that retains the bearings on which the guard lift mechanism rests and stops. Original bolt was quite bent
  • Ground off remaining plastic from guard that was interfering with the safety stop mechanism. Eventually we will probably replace the guard but this keeps it working more smoothly for now.
  • Removed a piece of sheet metal and rubber that was retained in the rear of the guard/extraction area. This is probably a oem part, however was quite bent and currently not serving a purpose.

N4400 Band Saw

  • Cleaned off shipping grease from table
  • Applied wax over table surface
  • Checked blade for square and adjusted guides

PS-12 Table Saw

  • Took photos detailing damaged parts for talking to leda
  • Adjusted the slide to be approx 0.1-3mm proud of main table surface, and parallel to table surface, at both start and end of rail.
  • Adjusted the sliding table fence 90º stops to keep the fence square to the blade on the rear mount position, checked with carpenters square and engineers square
  • Removed the cam from the sliding table fence 90º stop on trailing (front) edge so we can look at alternate bolts/mechanisms, as the current one is garbage.
  • Removed sliding table extension plastic end caps to allow access to adjustment for stops, did not replace as no real purpose served other than cosmetic.
  • Tested out some rust fixing on some of the worst patches, covered with thin urethane coat for now.
  • Rewaxed surface

Machinery House Thicknesser

  • Polished and lubricated rails and threads and unseized the mechanism.
  • Blew out all dust, wiped down surfaces with acetone.

Ready for sale.

Thurs 22nd Feb

PS-12 Table Saw

  • More photos of damage/issues
  • Fabricated a new angle lock bolt to replace the stripped one, with a new handle etc.
  • Redid the slide position wrt square/level to main table. Theres 2.5 sets of adjustment at each end of the slide and once you loosen it off to change one thing (say height) its very easy to lose your adjustment (say squareness) elsewhere. Just have to pay lots of attention and double check everything.
  • Took out the plastic in the end of the slide fence and started fabricating a wood one. This is because theres no good reference point for getting the ruler on the fence accurate when placing the slide. This new end cap should help people place the fence accurately.
  • The blade guard had been left without its pin or nut. I found the pin, but not the nut, but managed to replace it with one of the other wingnuts off a previously replaced part. Please try and leave objects with all their parts intact.
  • Took the saw off its stand, we no longer have the water ingress issues and we’ve decided the added height is no longer an advantage wrt other tooling in the shop.
  • Looking into machining up new sliding fence 90º stops, as the factory setup is awful.
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Thurs 01st Mar

N4400 Bandsaw

  • Adjusted table extension to be square to the rails.
  • Adjusted the table extension rails on the saw to have the table extension true to the table.
  • Changed the blade to the 12mm blade which is more reasonable for most use.

Thurs 15th Mar

A3-31 Planer Thicknesser

  • Installed new “DRO” adjustment wheel
  • Removed old wheel
  • Started fabricating an adapter to use wheel on table saw.

Thurs 16th Mar

PS-12 Table Saw

  • Clamp was seized in down position, unseized it and applied lubrication to keep it moving properly
  • Removed burr on clamp pole
  • Took clamp pole to the lathe and removed scale/rust from hardening procedure. Lightly oiled and reinstalled.

Thurs 22nd Mar

PS-12 Table Saw

  • Finished machining adapters for the new handwheels, all installed. Works very nicely.


  • Central island of tools has been moved, this should give us more usable space and will be the ‘final’ place barring any issues.
  • Moving the table saw can throw off the slide, I have not double checked it so just be aware until I can get to it again.

Sat 31st Mar

PS-12 Table Saw

  • Stripped, derusted, polished and then waxed and buffed the surface. Extra shiny and smooth now.

A3-31 Thicknesser-Planer

  • Derusted and polished the planer surfaces, waxed. Still needs to be buffed but I ran out of fire.