Woodshop Meeting, 10th of August

There will be a meeting on the 10th of August at 7:30pm.


  • Standing items
  • Machine sales update
  • New woodshop members

I would like to discuss:

  • Amendment to last meeting: we need to agree on how much money we are keeping from the sell of the tools. I’d suggest 80%.
  • We need to get new inserts for the thicknesser (we are about to do the last turn of the inserts).
  • I’d like to confirm and formalize the proposal to purchase a F3 laguna table saw.
  • I’d like to discuss the possible funding of our actual capex expenditures through the available funds. This was already discussed with the previous Treasurer who agreed on this items (Sheeting for the shop). If we need to, we can pass this to the Committe.
  • Discuss adding PPE to the consumables budget (specs, nitrile gloves and disposable earbuds)
  • Adding Rags to the consumables budget.