Woodshop Meeting July 4th

The woodshop team will hold a team meeting on The 4th of July at 6:30pm. Please contact a member of the team if you would like to attend.


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Hi Ryan,

Will this be a virtual or in-person meeting?

I’ll be online on the #meetings channel. Are u coming? @Siridar

I’ll be there in person

I’d like to discuss the last donation we’ve received and come up with pricing to sell this equipment.
This has been already discussed informally and this equipment is already redundant, but let’s do it more formally.

Let’s come up with pricing on the meeting and vote.

I’d like to discuss using these funds to save towards purchasing a laguna f3 table saw, which i think it’ll fit nicely in our setup. An american style table saw is something that more than one will enjoy.

while its probably way out of budget, and i know you are not a huge felder person, i think it would be good to visit it again due to this:

basically sawstop without all the drawbacks.

just wanted to point it out.

But this is a sliding panel saw right?

I’m not sure what models they have the feature on at this stage.

I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Hi Team,

I’m out of town for work on the 4th but will try to join virtually if available.
I know stuff all about table saws but I’m supportive of a more accurate one any day.

How do I nominate someone as my proxy?


You’ve no vote in the meeting unless you’re part of the team, although i understand the purchase in itself of a capex item cannot be done through this meeting.

My idea is to have a consensus within the team and hear what the people is saying about it.

My vision is to eventually have a state of the art panel saw (finger cross we sort this with the grant) and an “american style” cabinet saw for the ones who want to use dado blades or other machining techniques that are more “american” (eg. Most of the stuff you see in youtube).

The f3 is a good compromise between a good reliable tool and something that’s economically achievable.
With a little bit of luck we could have this done before the year finishes.

In terms of interlocking we dont have to do much other than making a 15amp interlock and sort the 15amp plug for it.

In terms of induction we can make this so you have to do the panel saw induction and then a regular induction to get the access granted to the cabinet saw. In other words, if u already have access to the panel saw you will only have to take a 1 hour induction to use it.

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