Woodshop Meeting Minutes 28 09 22

Hello Woodshop team!

I have had some minor issues with updating the woodshop team meeting minutes tonight in the correct location. I’ll update it correctly ASAP, but In the interim, here they are:

Woodshop team meeting 28/09/22


  • Ale

  • Matt

Voting items:

  • Nil


  • Nil major expenditures for September

  • Speaker Project:

Following on from the 14/09 meeting: We have posted several updates reference the speaker stock. We are still seeking engagement from members who are willing to assist with the project.

  • Ale has listed some of the sale items on Marketplace already.

  • Matt has drafted the gumtree listings and will publish on gumtree as soon as he gets some time.

  • Ale has aquired a few small tools to assist with setup and maintenance of the blast gates and is continuing the work towards improving the system.


  • Matt to re-list tools for sale on Gumtree

  • Matt to move old meeting minutes into the new “Woodshop Team Meetings Minutes” page. There are some issues with edit access that are in the process of being resolved before he can do this.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday 26th of October 7 pm