Woodshop "mini meeting"

We will be holding a mini meeting on discord next week Thursday 10/11/22. The time will be 7:00pm.

The purpose of this meeting is to onboard any new volunteers and finalise their volunteer contracts.

We will also tidy up those that are leaving the team. At this stage, I am under the impression that John and Ryan wish to cease their obligations to the woodshop team. If that is NOT the case, please notify Ale or myself prior to next Thursday.



Following up:

  • @Ryan2 and @JohnnyB Should advise if they want to stay in the team.

  • We are onboarding @tlm into the team

Voting items:

  • Confirm that we wanted to sell the wall sander that was donated by @Corker
  • Coming up with a price and vote the following items to be sold:
    • 18inch Jet bandsaw
    • 2hp Dust collector
    • SCM Combination Machine

I will be there

Hey all,

We need to move the meeting forward by 1 hour tonight. The meeting will start at 6pm.

Sorry for the last minute change.