Woodshop Moving Plan

Hi everybody, in this post you will be able to find all the information relative to the woodshop move.

Important dates so far:

  • 11/08/2023 Machines will be turn off and big packing will commence
  • On the week of Monday 14th we’ll start breaking down the router CNC. This could change depending on where we are going though.
  • Weekend of the 19th work in heights will be done (replacing lights and removing ducting).

06/08/2023 Status

We are waiting to have a palette jack available to commence packing some stuff. Without that stuff will just be on the way.
Having the containers will be beneficial as well.
We are hoping to move most of our stuff on the furniture itself, so we will strap the drawers and that’s it.
@Ale_More will be making some wooden crates to store the loose items.

TOMORROW Friday 11/08/2023 I’ll be in making crates and packing the woodshop from 7AM.

If you want to help please come in.