Woodshop open day!

Don’t Miss Out on HSBNE’s Woodshop Open Day!

The countdown is on! In just one week, HSBNE’s Woodshop Open Day will be in full swing.

Get ready to purchase our charcuterie board blanks our woodchop team crafted just for this day and watch our woodworking wizards put your custom design into our CNC machine and CO2 laser cutter to finish off your very own masterpiece. We’ll also have mineral oils available to help you finish your board to perfection.

With our CNC machine, you’ll be able to carve out your very own designs, while our CO2 laser cutter will engrave your personalised messages.

But it’s not just about the woodworking - it’s also about the community. Come meet other like-minded people who share your passion for woodworking and DIY projects and learn more about HSBNE and what we have to offer.

Don’t miss out on this chance to create something truly unique with the help of the HSBNE community. See you on July 15th at our Woodshop Open Day!

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Nicely written! Good job! You can write my resume, and anything else where i need to sell my self :crazy_face::star_struck:


Hey everyone, the open day is this Saturday!!!

Please feel free to share this with any other hobby groups, local community Facebook groups etc that you may be part of.

The link to the Facebook page is:

Share far and wide!!

We’re pretty excited about it!


Hi Everybody! I’d like to invite everybody to come this Saturday to our open day. Digifab will as well be there supporting this day.

  • Our main activity will be using the CNC to carve whatever designs you can come up.
  • We will be supplying FREE MDF boards to create your designs.
  • We will be selling really cheap hardwood laminated blanks ($60 a piece)
  • CO2 lasers will be available If you want to engrave any designs into your blanks.
  • Handtools and benches will be available so you can shape and sand your projects.
  • HSBNE will be buying lunch!

Come over, bring your friends!

Update on woodchop open day:

  • 1 chopping board sold.
  • Two memberships confirmed signed up because of the open day.
  • Another one I’m confident will happen (I work with her husband and he almost burst into tears of nostalgic memories in the metal shop, and she has said he’s joining. Daria and Sergei will likely be in again on July 25
  • Two people came in to work with Alé and Andrew on the CNC.
  • Positive interaction and post on the brisbane woodworking social Facebook page, and Shevy from there come along. It looks like he may be interested in joining as well.
  • Also, we had Robert (sculptor, carver etc) come along, present wood carvings etc and is interested in doing wood carving classes. Zac is sending him some questions to get some initial information from him, so we can get that process started.
  • Also - the board blanks - they can be put out and sold on Tuesday nights, or stored and sold on another open day.

After doing this the first time, we learned a couple of ways to do things better next time.

I’d definitely recommend making these a more common activity- whether as a single/double space activation like Saturday (combined digifab and woodchop), or a whole space activation where we partner with the music school for entertainment (or other live music option- we’d pay them), and potentially have some of the members sell things they’ve made here (if anyone Is interested in doing that), we could also have activities for visitors to do for a donation, (I.e. pre-made designs for kids nameplates etc on the co2 laser cutter etc).

If we can get 2 new members - possibly 3 - with a small woodchop open day, on a few Facebook posts, I’m sure either making these more frequent or having a whole of space event with additional advertising spend etc will result in increased membership. The other cool thing was the engagement in the community aspect of HSBNE, Saturday’s event created. With people not just helping out, but a couple of our visitors also staying for most of the day. Happy to talk about planning the next event(s) with whoever needs to be part of it. I just won’t be in on Tuesdays for the next two months, but am available on discord, and live close to the space so am happy to come in for a catch-up on other days to discuss and plan etc.

Keen to hear the thoughts of members and also the different team’s thoughts on both single activations or a whole space activation :slight_smile:


Well summarised Alyssa.

The place was bustling, the vibe was positive. I think the amount of traffic the Tool Library had made the place feel busier, for the better. We’ll no doubt be showing many library people around, particularly on weekends. It’s something we all should be prepared to do (doesn’t need to be long, just show them what we have and offer).

As for more open days like that. Absolutely needed if we want to stay alive and be prosperous. You’ve suggested some really good ideas there.

There are many small things we can improve on, which is why Saturday was a tester. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
My first is that members wear something to identify them, such as an HSBNE hat, safety vest or similar…and definitely name tags.

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Great suggestion! I’d forgotten that. The other thing needed is a pull up banner or a large sign (from the large co2 laser cutter). The a3 was ok, but not quite right.

Well done to all woodshop in putting it all together. A very positive response.