Woodshop social night 13/03/2023

:wood:Want to learn more about woodworking? :wood: Not sure where to start? :thinking:

We are back to our usual tricks again tonight. That is making saw dust and working on projects. If you have a project that you are working on and want to bring it along and socialise or get some help with your project then please come along.

This happens every Monday night at 6pm.

Social nights are also a good way to work on CNC projects if you have them or even see how the machine works. Please talk to Ali about CNC needs to get a path forward.

If you’re interested in coming along please comment below and tell us what you are working on! Social nights work best when you can bring along a project or idea that you are working on.

Hope to see you all Tonight!

I will be there.

Hopefully starting work on a new set of legs for a chair.