Woodshop space "Tooling Tuedays"

I am going to be organizing tool making / repairs every week for a hour or two on Tuesday Nights.
Starting from 6pm
Note: table saw inductions will take precedence until they are all done

The intention is to improve the tools in the space and learn new skills.
Please add items here and we will work on them a bit at a time.

Tool build / repair list

(in no order of priority)

  • Table saw crosscut sled
  • Dado saw
  • Router table
  • French Cleat storage
  • Big Lathe motor
  • Chisel sharpening
  • Hand Saw sharpening

Happy also to consider building some of the space items (Table saw cabinet, Drawers for underneath the Mitre saw bench.


I assume it’s implied with chisels, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. It would be good to add hand plane sharpening as well.

I’m happy to assist with the chisel and hand plane sharpening if there is interest.