Woodshop Tools: Induction interest?

Well done @devians ! You’re on a good thing when the cause is yearning for learning and ready to get making! :-):smiley:

Yep i’m keen too. Will fill in the forms now.

How’d we go? I’m hoping to get started asap as I’ve got some projects Im hoping to get done prior to Xmas…

Hey all,

Thanks for bearing with me :slight_smile:

I’ve asked the relevant people to schedule in 2 table saw inductions next sunday morning (as indicated by popular times in the doodle poll and my own availability), so keep an eye out for them. I’ll try and run them until we run out of people again (as my schedule allows).

Regarding inductions for the bandsaw and thicknesser/planer, after some conversations with people etc I’d like to try a new/different approach.

I’ve made two documents, induction checklists.

  1. Bandsaw Induction Checklist
  2. Thicknesser/Planer Induction Checklist

My thinking is that anyone who is inducted on the machine already can just go through this checklist with anyone not inducted, if they’re happy then they can sign off and the document can be used to go to the powers that be to grant access.

If you think i should change/add anything to these docs, please let me know, otherwise please give them a go and give me lots of feedback.

If you are inducted on these tools and are willing to go through these lists with people, maybe pipe up in this thread and we can start getting a list going.

I’ve also been asked to reevaluate the table saw induction. I’m now aware of some concerns/differences of opinion on that front so will try and set up a cause meeting in the near future where one of the things we can discuss is that process.


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Hi Josh.
You may want to add ‘Has completed table saw induction’ as check point 1?
I think it’s a good plan - probably also good for inducted folk also - teaching is a good way of reinforcing one’s own knowledge.
Happy to assist, time permitting (traveling a lot with work at present).

For the planer/thicknesser?

It’s kinda on there. We only have required table saw induction previously is because it covers all the kickback knowledge. So its on that checklist as ‘kickback’.

Do you think given that we should still prerequisite the table saw induction for that tool?

Great idea…I’d be happy to assist in future inductions also…

Im Keen for this sunday…is it confirmed yet?

Tablesaw inductions are live.

Morning Class

Afternoon Class

Hey mate, just chasing the table saw questionnaire so i can fill it out and drop in.

Cheers Al

Just to point out for those that haven’t seen, theres another induction this sunday. I’m planning to run one class every second sunday morning, maybe a second if theres enough demand to fill a second class.

Just looked at attending. What do I get for my $32.74 ticket price? Also, you say Walk-ins will only be allowed if a space becomes available. Do they have to pay on the spot?

You get 2 hour induction on how to safely use the table saw. Everyone who has gone through it, irrespective of experience, has always said they learnt something they did not know previously.

of that money, a break down is below.

$2.74 is the eventbrite processing fee.

$15 goes to whoever runs the induction (in this case Josh) for spending 2 hours teaching safe use of the saw.

$15 goes to the space for future improvements.

What we have found is that people do not respect a “free” induction, and that may book in, take up a space someone else could use, then not show, wasting the instructors time & preventing someone else from getting that instruction. A small fee ensures that people respect the time it takes to properly induct someone on the tooling and shows up.

also, if you want to run & charge for tooling inductions (such as the lathe or other metalshop tools), please do - it’s much appreciated

No problems. I did one last night for someone on the mill. It wasn’t formal but I covered as much as I could.

Just a heads up for anyone that has been inducted on the table saw - I’m happy to run you through the Planer/Thicknesser checklist. Send me a message on here or Discord if interested :slight_smile:

Hi, could I please get a copy of the questions for the table saw induction?


Hi I am a bit late to the table I see, wonder if any other stragglers are keen for another induction class? I’d love to attend one in Jan if it suits @devians

Hi @rbody, I will probably be restarting table saw inductions every second sunday from around mid january.


I’d also be interested in participating in the inductions - the sooner the better!

I’m also interested in a woodshop induction but my availability is limited to on Sundays to afternoons.